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Apr 14, 2021

In your final months of living would you dedicate time to recording down your thoughts, feelings and perspective so others could benefit from it?  Rhonda Bjelan did.

Coming May 1st is the new podcast, Incurable.

Incurable is a real time journey after being given a diagnosis of incurable cancer. It is a mother and sons exploration of what you go through in the last months of life,  Raw, honest and designed to help others understand this period in someone (and their families) life. 

It is for those who might be about to go through something similar, for friends and family to understand and for the simply curious.  Incurable explores what it means to die, to live and asks what happens to belief & trust in God during a terminal cancer journey.

Join Rhonda Bjelan and her son Clayton as they share what it means to be given the word 'Incurable'.