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Jul 12, 2021

In this final episode of Incurable you get to hear the entire Celebration Service of Rhonda’s life (minus the singing – that didn’t record very well).

Hear more of Rhonda's story, reflections from her kids, in-laws and grandkids.  And there is a special message/words of encouragement for each of us, that in the final weeks of her life, Rhonda asked Clayton to give (1:11:26).  

We hope and pray that as you have been on this journey with Rhonda & Clayton – that this service may be a healing, a guide, a resolution or an inspiration for you. 

In order, you hear: Tim - Introduction (Pastor at the church), Joshua - Eulogy (Rhonda’s son), Bronco - Bible Readings (Rhonda’s husband), Clayton - reflections, Mandy - reflections (Rhonda’s daughter-in-law & Clayton's wife), Tari – reflections on behalf of Grandkids (Family friend), Charlotte/MacKenzie/Austin – what they love about Grandma (Grandkids), Josh – reflections, Miriam – prayer (Family friend), Clayton – message/words of encouragement, Tim - closing prayer

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